Cole City: Dedication to Progress

This 1970 film was produced by Coles Express, a Maine LTL truck carrier, about their brand new general offices, terminal and service shops. Because of the facility’s size, it was dubbed “Cole City”. Coles Express was a LTL (less-than-truck load) truck freight carrier started in 1917 and continued through 1997.

To see portions of this facility in 1971 and in color, please watch the other video “Coles Express: The Uncommon Carrier”.

This video was originally 29 minutes long but was edited down to 10 minutes. A majority of removed material were interior office shots and storage facilities.

The end credits as seen in a video linked to this one, feature the song written for Coles Express by the Mallett Brothers “Winter of ’31” and how Allie Cole, the founder of Coles Express, was the first to plow the roads between Lincoln and Houlton Maine.

Cole City still exists today although no longer owned by the Cole family. Use Google Maps or Google Earth to visit 444 Perry Road, Bangor, ME. The general offices are the smallest building and the A.J. Cole & Sons (now Freightliner of Maine) has the writing on the top.

A few updates, the 5 acres of land purchased on the other side of Perry Road (mentioned by Galen in the introduction) was later used in 1989 for the Cole Land Transportation Museum.

Tank-van 406, as seen on the scales, is now in the Cole Land Transportation Museum.

While tour in the inside of the general office, Galen shows his secretary. Her name is Barbara Swett and to this date has been his secretary for over 60 years continuing today!

This film has been released by the Cole Land Transportation Museum archives: