Maine Veteran Walking Stick

Maine Veterans who served during a time of combat are eligible for a free Maine Maple Walking Stick, a token of the Cole Museum’s appreciation for their service.

The veteran must come to the museum to get a walking stick.


  • Military service in the following era(s):
  • WWII: Dec 8 1941—Feb 10 1947
  • Korean War: June 1950—July 1954
  • Vietnam War: June 1961—August 1974
  • Global War on Terrorism: 1990—Present
  • The Persian Gulf
  • Desert Storm
  • Desert Shield
  • Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo
  • Afghan War or Enduring Freedom
  • Iraqi War or Operation Iraqi Freedom

(The dates covered are the same dates covered by the National Defense Medal)

NOTE: Only one stick per veteran.

Don’t Qualify? – Purchase a walking stick
from Peavey Manufacturing, Route 9, in
Eddington (Phone: 888-244-0955)