Our Mission

To preserve the vehicles; those who made, used and maintained them; and challenge children to higher aspirations.

Statement of Purpose
To collect, preserve, and display (before they disappear forever) a cross section of Maine’s land transportation equipment from which this and future generations will gain knowledge of the past.

To honor, with this collection, the thousands of Maine land transportation pioneers whose dedicated work cleared and reshaped the land, and constructed the highways and rail lines that allowed the state’s development beyond its seacoast. To honor also those individuals whose determination made it possible — with primitive tools — to “keep the roads open”, year round through Maine’s severe winters – a feat largely accomplished by the 1930’s.

To challenge our young people and help build their aspirations — after seeing what these Maine pioneers accomplished with hard work, honest endeavor and primitive tools – to believe that with today’s improved knowledge, advanced equipment, and similar efforts, they also can become creative doers and builders of a bright future for themselves, their communities and their fellow man.

To record and display U.S. military memorabilia to forever remind this and future generations of the high price our comrades have paid to protect our freedom.

Reaching and maintaining these goals will have made worthwhile this museum and its collection given by me, the Cole Family, and several hundred individuals, companies, municipalities, and the State of Maine.

Galen L. Cole, Founder
Cole Family Foundation

“I promise…to help my fellow man and my community and work to leave both a little better than I found them.” — Galen L. Cole