Feature of the Week – August 19th, 2022

This week’s “Museum Feature of the Week”, is a Disston-Mercury Two-Man Chainsaw! Purchased during WWII, is cost about $800 new. Its twin cylinders generate 11 horsepower and was used at a lumber mill at Boyd Lake. It’s chain and bar can pivot to allow cutting in either the horizontal or vertical plane. It is said that the engine is powerful enough to cut through just about anything without stalling the chain.

The Disston company started producing two man cross cut saws in the mid 1800’s. As internal combustion engine technology improved, they moved into making two man chain saws. This is a typical model with a 2 cylinder 11 HP Mercury motor. Large saws like this were eventually replaced by the large 1 man saws seen in this display. While no longer in the chain saw market, Disston still manufactures saw blades and other flat metal equipment.