The Cole Museum Experience

How can students benefit from the Cole Land Transportation Museum?

Where Generations Connect!
The Cole Land Transportation Museum’s goals include the eight conditions, identified by the National Center for Student Aspirations, proven to make a difference for kids. The Museum experience can be meaningful and thought provoking for children of all ages:

The Cole Land Transportation Museum brings classrooms and families together to learn about the history of Maine communities. Your students will be eager to share the museum experience with family and friends.

The Museum honors and celebrates the accomplishments of war veterans and pioneers of the Land Transportation Era. The stories of Allie Cole, Charlie Flanagan, Galen Cole, and our volunteer veterans will inspire your students.

Sense of Accomplishment
Maine land transportation pioneers and veterans boosted our state’s developmental growth and protected our freedom. By reflecting on the accomplishments of the past, students will conclude that determination and honest endeavor are necessary to achieve any goal.

Fun and Excitement
Your students will have the opportunity to see rare and unusual land transportation equipment and listen to fascinating stories told by Museum volunteers. It may be the most exciting history lesson your students will ever experience.

Curiosity and Creativity
Maine land transportation pioneers used what limited materials they had to accomplish remarkable feats. Your students will realize how far we have come and will glimpse the endless possibilities that are available.

Spirit of Adventure
Maine land transportation pioneers accomplished incredible goals with primitive tools and dangerous equipment. Your students will realize that it takes courage to take risks.

Leadership and Responsibility
The courageous stories of our war veterans who volunteer their time to the Museum show how they paved the way with their work ethic and perseverance. Students will be truly engaged by the stories of these Maine heroes.

Confidence to Take Action
The Cole Museum encourages students to take the first step and to believe that with today’s improved knowledge, advanced equipment, and hard work, they too can help create a bright future for themselves, their communities, and their fellow man.