Junior Curator

The Junior Curator Program is an exciting new option available for students’ grade 1 through 5. This program allows students to work in small groups and use the clues provided to determine the use of the artifact at their table. After 10 minutes the groups rotate and analyze another artifact. At the end of the 1 hour session the groups explain how they came up with their answer as to what the artifact is, and what it was used for.

This program is great for smaller schools that bring students of different grades to the museum at the same time. It allows the older students to serve in more of a leadership role while at the same time allowing the younger students to be valuable contributors to the deductive process.

The Junior Curator Program generally lasts an hour. The ideal number of students to participate is between 30 and 50. We can also accommodate larger groups by scheduling a tour concurrent with program and splitting the larger group in half. Our goal is to make the hour an exciting learning experience for the children. To schedule a visit please call (207)990-3600 ext 13.