Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt at the museum is a wonderful activity for grades K to 8. We encourage teachers to visit the museum ahead of their class to create a hunt that will support classroom studies, however we will provide an age appropriate scavenger hunt sample in advance.

The most effective way to utilize the museum is to have a guided tour provided by our volunteer staff (60 -90 minutes). Following a break at our covered bridge or conference room, the children will be ready for a challenging “hunt.” We recommend breaking the students into small groups accompanied by a chaperone or teacher. Depending on the age group and complexity of the scavenger hunt, allot an hour for this activity.

We highly discourage concurrently conducting a guided tour and scavenger hunt. Students become preoccupied with “filling in the blanks” and miss the learning experience that our seasoned guides provide.

Items to bring:

  • Happy kids
  • Sweaters or light jacket (the museum is usually cool)
  • Adequate copies of the scavenger hunt
  • Pens / pencils
  • Clipboards