Self-Guided Tour

The Cole Land Transportation Museum is committed to support classroom activity and Learning Results for Maine children. Our museum artifacts, pictures, staff, volunteers, print-audio-visual library, are here to inspire and make a difference in the life of a child.

Utilizing the museum as a resource versus a field trip can make a major difference in the knowledge students acquire. Integrating a museum experience into your classroom is more than reinforcement for lessons taught in the classroom; it is part of your classroom. This museum experience can be a research project, an interdisciplinary unit, a writing prompt, and more. History, Art, Science, Economics all “come alive” when teaching on the museum floor.

Build your lesson plan or unit around one of hundreds of artifacts and themes, make a reservation and challenge your class. Let us know what support you need, a seasoned tour guide to help, the conference room, audio visual equipment, or perhaps supporting data.

The only limitation is your imagination!