Veteran/Student Interview Program

The Veteran Interview Program at the Cole Land Transportation Museum is an incredible opportunity for young adults to interface with prime sources of history. These Ambassadors of Patriotism define the term, “living history”. This powerful program has attracted many veterans willing to give their life experiences to the youth of Maine. The low student to veteran ratio (generally 3:1) allows the student’s prepared questions to be answered in an intimate and non-threatening manner, and for great spontaneous exchanges!

Generally, the interview lasts an hour. The museum conference room comfortably seats forty students plus veterans. Special accommodations are made to accommodate unique circumstances or groups. Often, scheduling concurrent museum tours and interviews splits larger groups. Our aim is to maximize the learning experience for each and every student.

The Program is fully aligned with the Maine Learning Results. When combined with our writing prompt (with or without our essay contest) “What Freedom Means to Me After Interviewing a Veteran,” an interdisciplinary unit is ready made.

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