Publications for Teachers

The following publications are offered free of charge to teachers who want to educate their students about the history of land transportation in Maine.

Sargent Snowplows

These plows were produced by the Union Iron Works of Bangor for over 100 years. They were the largest producers of snow plowing equipment in the world at one time. This publication is a reprint of their catalog depicting products and pictures of the equipment in action around the country.

The Veazie Railroad

The Veazie Railroad was one of the very first commercially successful railroads in the United States. This booklet relates the history of the railroad during a life that spanned the years 1836-1869. A few years ago the museum researched the original route and placed large stone markers. It is amazing to see how much of […]

The Cole Company Started at Enfield Station in Maine

The inspirational story of a young boy from the humblest of beginnings, who through hard work and honest endeavor built one of the most successful transportation companies in the United States. This book also gives the students an accurate picture of life in Maine in the early 1900s.