Sargent Snowplows

These plows were produced by the Union Iron Works of Bangor for over 100 years. They were the largest producers of snow plowing equipment in the world at one time. This publication is a reprint of their catalog depicting products and pictures of the equipment in action around the country.

The Veazie Railroad

The Veazie Railroad was one of the very first commercially successful railroads in the United States. This booklet relates the history of the railroad during a life that spanned the years 1836-1869. A few years ago the museum researched the original route and placed large stone markers. It is amazing to see how much of […]

The Cole Company Started at Enfield Station in Maine

The inspirational story of a young boy from the humblest of beginnings, who through hard work and honest endeavor built one of the most successful transportation companies in the United States. This book also gives the students an accurate picture of life in Maine in the early 1900s.

Self-Guided Tour

The Cole Land Transportation Museum is committed to support classroom activity and Learning Results for Maine children. Our museum artifacts, pictures, staff, volunteers, print-audio-visual library, are here to inspire and make a difference in the life of a child. Utilizing the museum as a resource versus a field trip can make a major difference in […]

Guided Tour

How many times have you heard a student say, “History is boring”? Memorizing dates and events can be boring. Experts tell us some effective methods of teaching include compare and contrast, visualization, and making connections with concepts the students already understand. How can you teach history this way? How can we make it exciting? How […]

Veteran/Student Interview Program

The Veteran Interview Program at the Cole Land Transportation Museum is an incredible opportunity for young adults to interface with prime sources of history. These Ambassadors of Patriotism define the term, “living history”. This powerful program has attracted many veterans willing to give their life experiences to the youth of Maine. The low student to […]

Gift Shop

Located in the lobby next to the Cashier Window is a small gift shop. We offer a variety of souvenirs ranging from low priced items such as picture postcards, pencils, and jeeps on up to books and scale model Cole trucks including several patriotic items. It is suggested that large groups of students be broken […]

Patriotic Video

We have available a 7-1/2 minute video on patriotism and freedom that has now been shown to more than 20,000 students. This video is narrated by Galen Cole, Founder of the Cole Land Transportation Museum and helps teach students the true meaning of freedom.

Founder Talk

Galen Cole, Founder of the Cole Land Transportation Museum may be available to speak with your group in the lobby upon arrival.